6 Signs You May Have Dry Eyes

Young Asian woman with dry eye

Do you have dry eye syndrome? It’s a common condition that is caused when your eyes don’t produce enough tears. 

Even if your eyes are producing tears, they may not be adequate. They may be low-quality tears. These are tears that do not lubricate your eyes. 

When your eyes don’t get enough lubrication, they can become irritated and inflamed. This is called dry eye syndrome.

Keep reading for six signs you may have dry eye syndrome!

1. Stinging and Burning Eyes

Do your eyes sting or burn? This is a common symptom of dry eye syndrome. When your eyes are dry, they can become painful. 

They may not sting or burn all the time. Instead, you may only experience a stinging or burning feeling when you are in a dry indoor place, or if you’re outside and it’s windy. 

2. Light Sensitivity

Do you find that light is blinding or painful to look at, even when it is not bright? This could mean you have dry eye syndrome. 

Dry eye syndrome can make your eyes more sensitive to light. A bright and sunny day can make this symptom worse.

Make sure you are wearing sunglasses that block both UVB and UVA rays if you are outside on a sunny day. Cloudy days can be equally painful if you have dry eye syndrome. Sunglasses can also help reduce pain from light sensitivity on cloudy days.

3. Difficulty Wearing Contact Lenses 

Having dry eyes can make it difficult to wear contact lenses. This is because your eyes need to stay lubricated for your contacts to sit comfortably on your eye. 

Eye drops and artificial tears can help keep your eyes lubricated. This does not work for everyone with dry eyes. 

Many people with dry eyes find that it is hard to go all day without their contact lens falling out. This can be tough if your job requires a lot of computer work, as too much screen time can dry out your eyes. 

Contact lenses won’t stick to dry eyes. Consider wearing glasses with “blue light” blocking lenses when doing computer work. These block the artificial UV light that your computer screen emits. 

4. Difficulty Driving at Night

When your eyes feel like they are always dry, it can be difficult to see at night. This is especially true when you are driving. 

Headlights, taillights, caution lights, and stop lights can appear blurred or streaky. This can make driving at night unsafe. Never drive at night if you’re finding it hard to see!

5. Blurred Vision

Dry eye syndrome can increase your risk of developing eye fatigue. This can cause your vision to become blurry. 

Focusing intently on small print or a computer screen can make your eyes more dry and fatigued. Try using artificial tears to keep your eyes moisturized if you need to complete tasks on a computer. 

6. A Sensation That Something Is in Your Eye

Having dry eyes can make it feel like you have something in your eye. This sensation can be present even when nothing is in your eye. 

It can be quite irritating. You may find yourself rubbing your eyes often. This will only make your eyes drier. 

Try using artificial tears instead. This will hydrate your eyes and make them feel less scratchy or gritty. 

The key to avoiding this feeling altogether? Use eye drops and artificial tears before your eyes feel dry! 

Worried you might have dry eye syndrome? Schedule an appointment at Envue Eye and Laser Center in Oxon Hill, MD to discuss your dry eye symptoms with one of our ophthalmologists! 

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