Benefits of Radiofrequency (RF) Microneedling

The main benefit of TriFx RF microneedling is it improves skin texture. It does this by stimulating collagen, which is great for rejuvenating the skin. As a result, it can help improve a number of key skin concerns.

RF Microneedling can help:

  • soften fine lines
  • fade acne scars
  • tackle ultraviolet (UV) damage, like hyperpigmentation and age spots
  • shrink pores
  • brighten skin
  • reduce the appearance of stretch marks

RF Microneedling healing stages: What to expect

Achieve a facelift like result without surgery with RF microneedling and TriLift
Achieve a facelift like result without surgery with RF microneedling and TriLift

After you have a microneedling procedure, some side effects are to be expected.

When you leave your appointment, your skin may be flushed or bright red, as if you have spent the entire day out in the sun and have a mild to moderate sunburn.

The redness that you experience from microneedling will mostly fade within 48 hours. Other symptoms, such as peeling and breakouts, might take slightly longer to resolve.

Most of the visible recovery from microneedling happens in the first day or two after treatment, but healing will still be happening under the surface of your skin for up to 2 months afterward.

Even with careful aftercare, there isn’t much you can do to get rid of the redness immediately after microneedling.

Swelling is typical up to 48 hours after the procedure. Flaking or peeling after microneedling is also relatively common.

Other side effects, like bumps, breakouts, and dry skin, are also common after microneedling — but not everyone will experience them.

Taking care of your skin with moisturizer and gentle cleansers can minimize side effects.

Luckily, the expected post-microneedling downtime is relatively short compared with some other cosmetic procedures.

RF Microneedling aftercare

Post triFX RF microneedling, within 24 hours to 3 days, tiny micro scabs may appear.

Do not attempt to scratch or peel them off. Scabs will shed off naturally within a couple of days.
Avoid hot baths, massage or any mechanical or thermal damage to the treated area.

Use gentle skincare (soapy lukewarm water or gentle cleanser that does not exfoliate nor scrub the skin)
Gentle moisturizers and mineral makeup that do not cake may be applied but only 24 hours post-treatment

Sun protection

As a general rule, you should reach for sunscreen constantly for the first 2 weeks after microneedling. Make sure to apply sunscreen whenever you go outside in the days following your treatment.

Don’t spend prolonged time out in the sun for the first week after your microneedling procedure, as you’ll be more prone to sun damage than usual.

Avoid infection

Wash your hands before you touch your face.

Don’t put on makeup, especially with a makeup brush that has been used before, in the 24 hours following microneedling.

To protect your skin, you’ll also need to avoid swimming pools, saunas, and situations where you might sweat heavily, including intense workouts at the gym.

After 72 hours have passed, you may be able to resume these activities.

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